New Video - Where Did Devin Come From?

I get a lot of questions, so thought I'd just start answering some - here you go...

One of the top two questions I get - just where in the heck did Devin come from?

Black is for Hate (John Devin, PI Book 2) Released

Black Is For Hate - the second novel in the John Devin, PI mystery series has been officially released on all retailers in ebook (Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Noble), and will follow in the next couple of days in paperback.

Nothing shocks in 1930s Los Angeles — except five of the most brutal murders the city has ever seen. Five women killed. A city plagued — until Devin enters a world of brutality even he never imagined. Haunted by the shadow of the most brutal chapter of his own life, Devin races to stop the final kill as he wrestles with his past’s never-fulfilled — dark — black — need — for revenge.

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"Red Is For Blood" Featured As A Kobo Next Selection

For two weeks starting January 8th, “Red Is For Blood” will be featured on the Kobo site under Kobo Next - a curated list, meant to present hidden gems that are poised to become the next big thing.

Kobo is one of the fastest-growing and largest eBookstores in the world, with more than 4 million titles across 77 languages. This truly global company offers award-winning eReaders and top-ranking apps, and through their Kobo Writing Life program, are huge supporters of indie writers like myself.

I can’t be more excited.

So if you’d like to find out more about my novel “Red Is For Blood” - check out Kobo Next starting Friday January 8th (and continuing for two weeks) and scroll down to the Mysteries & Thrillers section.

There, you’ll be able to find out about my book - and a great company doing great things for indie writers.




Second John Devin, PI Short Story Published - Bennie

I've also just published the second John Devin, PI short story - "Bennie."

I love short stories because I can visit a little more with some of my favorite characters and this one, Bennie, first appears in "Red Is For Blood" - and turns out to be Devin's newest best friend.


Bennie - A John Devin, PI Short Story…

Devin is on a fresh case to recover money and bootleg booze belonging to Toots, the owner of Devin’s favorite LA speakeasy.

The money and booze found, he gets a little more than he bargains for.

A case within a case, that leads Devin to his new best friend, and the most foreign land in LA — Chinatown.


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“Sunshine” published in Hidden In Crime

My short story "Sunshine" has been published in the Hidden In Crime volume of the fantastic Fiction River anthology series.

Set in 1930s Los Angeles, "Sunshine" follows PI John Devin as he sets out to find out what happened to all the millions stolen from Little Jackie Sunshine, America's most famous child actor. He doesn't have to go far when his hunch pays off that the thief - is Jackie's mommy dearest.

Go to Fiction River to find out more about this fantastic volume, and go to Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & Noble to pick up your copy today.

Plus coming in 2016 I'll have three other stories - thriller, ghost and young adult stories - appearing in upcoming Fiction River.

Fiction River: Hidden In Crime