Where Did Devin Come From?

I get a lot of questions, and here's one of the top two: wondering where I got the idea for my mystery series - John Devin, PI - a classic PI solving crimes in 1930s Los Angeles - the most dangerous, glittering, low-life time in LA's crime filled history.

Intro to Black is for Hate (John Devin, PI Book 2)

Here's a quick intro to the second book in my John Devin, PI series - Black is for Hate.

Why I Do It

This answers the other top question I get - why do I write? A great question, that's not so simple... but maybe it is.

I love telling stories.

Unboxing - Red is for Blood

Watch as I unbox Red Is For Blood, the first book from my John Devin, PI series. Plus I read the first chapter.

If you like your detectives hardboiled and with attitude, with a strong sense of right, and characters you want to spend time with, grab Red Is For Blood. Then join Devin as he solves his way through the amazing 1930s - the most dangerous, glittering, low-life time in Los Angeles’ crime filled history.